HS-00005 & HS-00006 – How to get it right.

First off, remember that in the interface between HS-00005 and the spar/stiffener, you’re allowed as low as 5/32″ of edge distance to the holes.

That said, it took me four tries before I was able to come up with a system that worked so that I was successful.

Start off by measuring center lines on the flanges of HS-00006 and HS-00005. Use the drawing measurements to position the holes on the flange of HS-00005 and drill those holes.

With the skins in place, clamp HS-00006 in place, and drill those two holes through the forward spar. These are the easy holes.

Clamp HS-00005 in place, and position it so that the flanges are aligned with the skin, and so that you can see your centerline through the holes you just drilled in the forward spar. Match drill through the centerline to create these center holes in HS-00005. A 45 or 90 degree angle drill might help. Then take HS-00005 out.

Using the drawing, mark on your HS-00005 flange where the holes should go. Be careful of edge distance, remember you’re drilling pilot holes and will enlarge to . Remember you’re allowed as little as 5/32″ distance on these holes.

Center punch the holes you’re about to drill. I adjusted one of them every so slightly in from where the plans had it. Be careful though, you need to hit the angle stiffeners on the other side of the spar when you drill, and you need at least 5/32″ distance on those holes too.

Once you’ve drilled the final holes in HS-00005, it’s time to put it back into place in the horizontal stabilizer. Get it nicely lined up, and clamp it so that it won’t move. You’re going to mark on the forward spar where these holes will go.

Mark the holes, then take everything back apart.

Cleco HS-00005 back into place – the holes should line up – and match drill them through HS-00003-1 and the spar assembly. You can also drill based on your marks, but I think it’s safer to match drill whenever possible.

And that’s it. You should have all the holes in place, and hopefully no edge distance issues to worry about. Mine didn’t line up just perfectly with the other holes but that’s fine.

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