Forward Baggage Door Support

I found this post detailing how to add a support for the RV-8 forward baggage compartment door. I plan on having my smoke system tank mounted in this area, so being able to keep the door safely open while filling the smoke tank will be very useful.

You can buy the strut from McMaster Carr, Part Number 11615A14, for about $50 as of when I wrote this. It’s designed for holding workbox lids open, but it apparently works very well for the RV-8 forward baggage door as well.

The instructions to install are simple, use three LP4-3 pop rivets on the top attachment hinge along the side of the door. Then use two nutplates with screws to hold the lower plate to the inside of the compartment. Mount the upper hinge 11/16″ from the bottom of the dor, and the lower hinge 8.0″ from the exterior skin of the fuselage.

Pictures of the install are in the linked thread.


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