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  • Assembled Rudder Skeleton

    No big surprises here. I was surprised to have to bend R-710’s flange quite a bit to fit. I’m going to use the EAA Builder’s Log site as well, and the entry for this day is here. I need to be able to track time, since I do want to use this build towards an…

  • Mastodon!

    I’ll be proxying all my posts onto Mastodon at Feel free to follow the blog there to stay up to date with the project.

  • Why the RV-8?

    Why the RV-8?

    I’ll mostly be flying alone, so fun was a priority in choosing the aircraft I wanted to build. I began this journey looking at building and flying a CubCrafters EX-3, a backcountry-capable Piper Cub clone. I love the outdoors, and the idea of being able to land in some field or off-airport strip really intrigued me.…